The American continent is adapting quickly to the sedentary and urban life that promotes the possession of pets in the home, dogs and cats that end up being part of the family. Modern life that takes us away from nature also invites us to live with other domesticated species, the favorite pet of Americans is undoubtedly the dog.

The diversity in the customs of the population of this continent is so extensive that it is difficult to generalize. Argentina, Mexico and Brazil have the highest percentages of pet owners, followed by the US.

AMErICA del norte

America is the second largest continent on the planet, after Asia. It occupies much of the western hemisphere of the planet. About 12% of the human population lives in this continent, more than a billion people in many countries and different cultures that extends from north to south. The largest cities and urban areas in the Americas are Mexico City, New York, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

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